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While only 15 percent of Americans are currently investing in real estate other than their primary residence, 77 percent of respondents aged 35-44 believe that house flipping is a good way to make money, followed closely by millennials (18-34) at 72 percent.

A majority of Americans aged 18-44 claimed they would be more likely to invest in real estate if there were technology available to make the process easier.

Now there is!  RPMS is designed specifically for the new real estate investors to control their projects from beginning to end.  Using this tool, you will have a foundation to start, manage, and finish your project with the vision you had in the beginning.  Repair costs are maintained using the expense registry for labor and materials spending.  Progress of the project is detailed using the activity log to enter and report daily events and issues.  You can even record photos and videos to each activity record.


Project Central View

See a birds eye view of your entire project portfolio. Each project is detailed with important factors like status of project, % of completion and budget items that will give you on the spot decision power.

Project Details View

Manage the details of your rehab project as the project manager using RPMS. Update progress, run and share progress and expense reports, communicate with contractors and team members and watch over the entire project from this level.

Repair Pricing Webform

Cut your repair evaluation walk-through time down considerably by using the pricing webform on your mobile device. Enter the unit or measurement values and the pre-populated costs (adjustable) will total everything for you. At the end of the walk-through, you can view, print and share the estimates for each sub-category as well as the total costs for the project.

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Project Managers

Project Managers can control and organize one or many projects simultaneously.  Watch over your projects from a 10,000 ft view.  Solicit and award contractors with a simple push button to email.  Record project activity in the daily journal and run progress reports that can be downloaded, printed or shared via email.  Keep track of labor and material expenses and run reports on demand.  Stay on budget, and on schedule using RPMS as your project management platform. 


Investors can spend more time seeking new leads for deals while using RPMS to communicate with one or many project managers assigned to your investments.  Even if your projects span across many states (or countries), you can enjoy the comfort of staying in touch with the team involved in controlling your  valuable assets, your rehab projects.

Money Lenders

Money Lenders can have a constant eye on borrowers as they progress along in their rehabs and flips.  As draw schedules approach, RPMS takes the guess work out of the inspections because you have already been reported to via progress reports, expense reports and photos and videos.  Inspection times are cut down with site visits being only validations of what you already know.  Using RPMS, your inspectors will schedule more site visits then previously planned in a day.

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Contact theysystemguy to see how RPMS fits right into your Podio CRM design. Use as a stand alone or as part of your wholesaling workflow. The sky's the limit when it comes to a scalable solution that will grow along with your enterprise!

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